Results of Candidates Dog Survey 2018

The Kingborough Dog Walking Association (KDWA) surveyed all Kingborough Council candidates on their attitudes towards various dog-related issues of importance to its members and to Kingborough rate-payers in general. The survey contained 18 questions, mainly with yes/no answers, but with space for additional comments on each question. The survey was hosted by Survey Monkey and closed on Friday 5th October 2018. Links to PDF versions of the full responses and our summary are given below.

Full responses to survey (59 pages)

Summary of survey results

Where a "+" sign appears in the summary, the candidate has provided more information which appears in the "Full responses" document. KDWA encourage you to look at these additional comments because they provide an insight into the thoughtfulness of the candidates.

Link to helpful information about voting and the election

KDWA would like to thank Venie Phillips, Melissa Fraser and Belinda Fenney-Walch for their work on the survey.