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Patrols on Nutgrove Beach

The Hobart City Council is increasing its presence and patrols on Nutgrove Beach, Sandy Bay, following complaints of off-lead dogs during the designated on-lead times.

The Hobart Dog Walking Association encourages all dog owners to observe the on-lead times as dogs faced bans on Nutgrove Beach during the day in summer when the Council last reviewed its Dog Management Plan in 2013, and proposed a total dog ban during the day. The total dog ban almost came about because of complaints to the Council.

The Hobart Dog Walking Association worked hard to stop the dog ban on Nutgrove with deputations to the Council and letter writing. One of our members also collected a petition with 477 signatures and many other dog owners wrote to the Council.

So, please don't let your dog off-lead during the on-lead times at Nutgrove Beach.

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