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Greyhounds and muzzles: a call for change

Following is a media release issued by the Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs, Inc regarding the Joint Select Committee into Greyhound Racing: Recommendation 31:

Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs is an incorporated association through which local Tasmanian dog walking associations are affiliated. There are currently three such associations covering much of the south of the state including Hobart Dog Walking Association Inc. The core aims of these associations are the promotion of responsible dog ownership and the socialisation of dogs and they are concerned about the current situation of greyhounds and their differentiation from other breeds.

The matter of appropriate treatment for greyhounds which have been re homed within the community was discussed by the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee into Greyhound Racing. This resulted in the formulation of Recommendation 31:

That the Government review the differentiation of greyhounds under the Dog Control Act 2000 with the intent to exempt greyhounds from wearing a muzzle while on lead in public.

At the Annual General Meeting of Hobart Dog Walking Association on 12th October 2016 the following resolution regarding greyhounds and muzzles was passed unanimously:

Hobart Dog Walking Association calls on the Tasmanian Government and Parliament to process and implement without delay Recommendation 31 (p.222) of the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee Inquiry into Greyhound Racing in Tasmania. This recommendation will enable greyhounds approved for adoption to walk unmuzzled in public on lead.

This resolution was subsequently endorsed by Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs.

Demand for this change has grown over several years as the increasing numbers of greyhounds adopted have raised community awareness. Therefore prompt implementation of Recommendation 31 will meet with community expectations and we wish to urge the Minister for Racing, Jeremy Rockliff, and the Tasmanian Government to facilitate this as a matter of urgency.

Contact Details:

VED Andrews


Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs Inc.

Ph: 0410603991

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