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Kingborough Dog Management Review: have your say

The Kingborough Council has released its Draft Dog Management Policy for public comment until 25 June 2018. Dog walkers are encouraged to write to the Council about dog exercise areas in Kingborough.

The Kingborough Dog Walking Association (KDWA) has provided this analysis of the Kingborough Council Draft Dog Management Policy.

The Positives

  • Two new off-lead exercise areas: Kettering Reserve and Middleton Beach

The Negatives

  • Total loss of Tinderbox Hills from July-March; on-lead from April-June

  • Reduction in size of dog exercise areas at Apex Park, Taroona

  • Re-classification of Alum Cliffs track and the track behind Tyndall Beach to on-lead only.

  • Ban dogs at all shopping centres and shops. This means you can't walk your dog to the shop to buy a loaf of bread.

  • Ban dogs from within 10 metres of playgrounds. This means you can't take your children and your dog for a walk simultaneously if you're going to stop at a playground.

  • Ban dogs from all sportsgrounds while sport is being played (reasonable); and on-lead at all other times.

  • The process of having a draft policy following community consultation, then throwing that policy out after a secret meeting.

The Neutral

The maintenance of existing off-lead exercise areas at:

  • Tyndall Beach (aka Kingston Dog Beach)

  • the Kingborough Sports Centre (above the Mountain Bike Park)

  • Dru Point fenced dog park, Margate

  • Clarkes Beach, Coningham

  • Flowerpot Point

  • Suncoast Dog Park, Blackmans Bay

  • Dogs are still banned from all other beaches. This results in Tyndall Beach being very crowded, at certain times.

  • Dogs are permitted on-lead on most tracks and in most parks and reserves

  • Dogs are still permitted at Council events, on-lead, except in prohibited areas

  • Cafes - unclear.

The Kingborough Council Draft Dog Management Policy also covers subjects such as registration fees. We recommend you read the Kingborough Council's Draft Dog Management Policy

Copies of the Draft Dog Management Policy may also be requested from the Council. Phone (03) 6211 8200

Read the Kingborough Dog Walking Association submission to the Kingborough Council about allowing better access to beaches for dog walkers in Kingborough

What can you do?

Tell others

Encourage other dog owners to become familiar with the policy and write to the Council about their concerns, plus contact Councillors.


Write to the Kingborough Council by 25 June 2018:

Kingborough Council

Civic Centre

15 Channel Highway, Kingston Tasmania 7050


Contact Kingborough Councillors

Kingborough Councillors will make the ultimate decision about dog exercise areas in Kingborough. Contact Councillors.

Councils are required to review their Dog Management Policies every five years in accordance with the Dog Act 2001.


Considering joining the Kingborough Dog Walking Association or a dog walking association in your area.

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