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Dog owners to rally about Kingborough Council's dog plan

Dog owners concerned about -- or wanting to find out more -- about Kingborough Council's Draft Dog Management Plan are encouraged to attend a rally at Kingston Dog Beach on Sunday 10 June 2018 at 11am.

Analysis by the Kingborough Dog Walking Association indicates there is very little to be positive about the Kingborough Draft Dog Management Plan which is very restrictive and proposes limits placed on dog exercise areas and dog walking.

Guest speakers at the rally will include:

  • Kingborough Mayor Councillor Steve Wass

  • Melissa Fraser, President of Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs

  • Tony Walch, founding member of the Kingborough Dog Walking Association, an organisation that has devoted 20 years trying to get a better deal for dog owners and walkers in Kingborough.

Although Kingston Dog Beach is declared off-lead due to the numbers anticipated to attend the rally, it is recommended dogs be on-lead during the rally in order to listen to the speakers.

The rally is a good opportunity to find out more about the Draft Dog Management Plan.

Public comments about Kingborough's Draft Dog Management Plan are due at Kingborough Council by 25 June 2018 9am.


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