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Information for animal owners and vets about COVID-19

Media release

Tasmanians can still take their animals to a vet or boarding kennel if they need specialist care under the current community movement regulations due to COVID-19.

Common sense applies to looking after our pets, with welfare an utmost priority. We all have a responsibility for the animals in our care, and the COVID response measures recognise this and permit us to continue to look after our animals.

Information on ways to mitigate the COVID-19 risk from companion animals is now available to Tasmanian animal owners on the website. It provides advices to animal owners, veterinary clinics, animal shelters and boarding kennels.

Tasmanians should consider hygiene practices and always phone their vet, boarding kennel or animal shelter to make an appointment and learn of any changes in the way they do business.

It is important to note that there is very little evidence that cats or dogs or most other common pet animal species can become infected with or are able to transmit COVID-19. The only exception to this is ferrets, which are currently being used as the vehicle for testing COVID vaccines.

It is recommended that any companion animals in contact with humans with COVID-19 should be washed immediately before entering any type of alternative accommodation including other households, boarding kennels, animal shelters and before a visit to the vet.

If contact with a human COVID case has occurred, it is also recommended that people with adequate PPE transport the animal to the arranged destination for further treatment and care, ensuring appropriate hygiene procedures are also met.

If you are having difficulty looking after your animals during this time, please seek help from family, friends or registered animal shelters and kennels.

Information about COVID-19 – Mitigating the risk from companion animals can be found at: and on the DPIPWE website:

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