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Dog days could be over in Clarence

Dog owners in Clarence need to speak up and defend dog exercise areas.

The Clarence City Council’s Dog Management Review proposes changing most off-lead dog exercise areas in Clarence, to on-lead.

Hobart Dog Walking Association Inc president Tanzi Lewis said if the Council’s proposed Dog Management Policy is adopted, there will be very few off-leash exercise areas left in Clarence.

“Many areas are on the hit list – tracks, trails, beaches and parks. All are listed in the Council’s Dog Management Review Schedule of Declared Areas 2021-2028,” Ms Lewis said.

“Dog owners who care about where they can exercise their dogs must have their say by 12 April 2021,” she said.

Bellerive Beach is at risk of a dog ban with the Council putting forward the option of the “entirety of Bellerive Beach becomes prohibited to dogs at all times”.

Bellerive Beach is always targeted whenever the Clarence City Council reviews its dog management policy.

In 2007, the Council tried to ban dogs from Bellerive Beach and made a section on-lead. In 2015, dogs were prohibited from the section of Bellerive Beach from First Bluff to Beach Street Access.

Dogs are also not permitted on Bellerive Beach in summer between 6pm – 10am from 1 December – 1 March. This means people can be on the beach without dogs.

The Hobart Dog Walking Association believes both Bellerive and Howrah beaches need retaining for dog off-lead exercise as both suburbs do not have any other off-lead exercise areas.

The fenced South Street Training Area, at Bellerive, is not always available for dog exercise.

Clarence City Council’s dog management consultation is open until 12 April 2021.

Contact: Tanzi Lewis, President, Hobart Dog Walking Association Inc 0499 184 603

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