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Alum Cliffs track


  • Location- Kingston Beach

  • Access- Tyndall Beach

  • Facilities- Dog bin and bags

  • Freedom- On lead

  • Time- 2 hours return


Parking is available at the bottom of Tyndall Road, which is accessed from the Channel Highway near Bonnet Hill and is also available along Balmoral Road and Osborne Esplanade at the northern end of Kingston Beach.  This track is suitable for those with reasonable fitness and agility.


If entering from Balmoral Road keep your dog on lead while crossing the bridge and walk behind the boat shed and across the carpark to the dog bin, where the off lead area begins.  Access to the beach is variable due to the ever changing path of Browns River.   Follow the sandy track until access is possible to the beach.  From here you can continue along the track or walk along to the northern end of the beach.


The beginning of this popular track is in the bush behind the beach and marked by a sign in yellow which boldly states ‘track’.  From here the path climbs steeply and the initial climb takes about five minutes.  Keep to the right whenever the track divides and continue following the coastline.  From here there are views over the Derwent River to the Eastern Shore, the Iron Pot, Bruny Island, Blackmans Bay and Kingston Beach.


A few minutes further on the track opens into a wide expanse of grassland, which is a public reserve.  You can enjoy the view from a bench seat before commencing a steep descent.    The track is mostly firm clay, often uneven, narrow and occasionally slippery with some exposed roots and rocks. Steps are provided in some parts of the track.   The track passes through coastal scrub and bush, a little rainforest and has lovely coastal lookouts and rocky bays.  There are two creeks on the walk but these are often dry so take water for your dog.


A sheltered picnic table is provided at the end of this walk.  The track continues but signs suggest that further travel is not recommended due to the unsafe terrain.  From here there are splendid views over the Derwent River and Eastern Shore.   Return to Tyndall Beach via the same route.

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