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Apex Park


  • Location - Taroona

  • Access - Batchelor Way, Chiton Chase or Taroona Crescent

  • Facilities - dog bags and bins, covered picnic table, water tap

  • Freedom - off-lead and under effective control within the park

  • Size - about 1.6ha


This is a well maintained gently sloping grassed reserve of approximately one hectare.   A picnic table, adjacent playground and nearby skate park make this an excellent family walking area. Dog bins and bag dispensers are located at all three park entrances.

To connect to the coastal track and Taroona Beach (east) off-lead area, walk south past the Scout hall and along the bitumen road down towards the beach. There are toilets, a BBQ and another playground located here. The beach east of the boat ramp is an off-lead exercise area. Walk along the beach or the neighboring pathway to Batchelor's Grave and the coastal track. The grave is clearly marked and has an interpretation sign.  The view from here is quite spectacular with expansive views of the Alum Cliffs and the Shot Tower.

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