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Bellerive Beach


Off-lead from Beach Street Access to Second Bluff


Time restrictions: No dogs from 10am  - 6pm 1 December - 1 March


Dogs are also banned from Apex Park (also known as the Bellerive Beach Play Park near Blundstone Arena). Dogs are permitted on-lead on the multiuser path that goes through Apex Park.


Bellerive Beach has stirred the most controversy when it comes to dogs.  In 2007, over 1,000 dog owners and their dogs protested against a proposed total dog ban on Bellerive Beach by the Clarence City Council. 


Only 3% of over 1,200 submissions wanted a total dog ban on Bellerive Beach.  Clearly the 3% were a very persuasive and influential minority.  The Clarence City Council in its second round of consultations tried to impose some type of dog ban, resulting in the Hobart Dog Walking Association launching a second campaign "No lines in the sand".


After lobbying by the Hobart Dog Walking Association, and over 300 more letters to the Council, the rules changed, in 2008, so dogs would have to be on-lead from First Bluff to a "line in the sand" near the toilet block, and off-lead thereafter with summer time restrictions remaining. 


In 2015, the Clarence City Council reviewed its Dog Management Policy and a total dog ban on Bellerive Beach was back on the table, along with other options, all of which represented some form of loss for dog owners. 


Once again in 2015, the  Hobart Dog Walking Association lobbied for the status quo with summer time restrictions as we felt this was fair for all.   We are also concerned by the insidious creep and slow loss of dog exercise areas. The only gain for dog walkers in the 2015 Clarence Dog Management Policy Review was to be able to walk dogs on-lead on the Boardwalk perimeter at Bellerive. 


Regrettably, now one-third of Bellerive Beach has been lost to dog walking, the summer restrictions remain and we can no longer enjoy sthe simple pleasure of sitting in Apex Park with our on-lead dogs and having fish and chips at a picnic table.


Keep walking dogs on Bellerive Beach.  If dog walkers stop walking on Bellerive Beach,  the beach will be empty apart from the rare Tasmanian hot days. 



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