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Brighton dog walks

The Brighton municipality takes in the areas of Old Beach, Bridgewater, Gagebrook, Brighton, Herdsmens Cove and Pontville.


Brighton is in the jurisdiction of the Brighton Council.


The Hobart Dog Walking Association occasionally goes to Brighton for walks given its only about 30 minutes drive from Hobart (less from Glenorchy).  Here are some good walks in Brighton.


Green Point




From Bowen Bridge head along East Derwent Highway towards Bridgewater.  Drive over the Jordan River. Turn left into Scotts Road.  Follow the meandering Scotts Road into Killarney Road.  Park in Killarney Road carpark near the Green Point Nature Reserve.




Walk the circuit track in the Green Point Nature Reserve which has great views of the River Derwent and Jordan River.


This walk is also good for pram pushing and cycling.


Jordan River




The Jordan River walk is very flat and level and follows the Jordan River.  It can be accessed from either Andrew Street or Ford Road.



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