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Coningham State Recreational Area


  • Location- Coningham

  • Access- Old Station Road

  • Facilities- Nil

  • Freedom- On Lead

  • Time- 2 hours return


This walk begins at a parking area on the left side of Old Station Road on the crest of a hill 2.1km past the Coningham Road turnoff.

Just before the car park a track leads up to a white boom gate.  Continue to the right along this old 4WD track, which climbs steeply up for approximately 400 metres.  Initially the track is rocky and uneven underfoot but becomes grassy above the slope.  After 200 metres where the track divides, follow the left path.


The track passes through light bushland and provides views over the Wellington Ranges, Snug Tiers and North West Bay.

Following the initial climb the track is mostly gently sloping.  Parts of the track may become muddy following rain as wheel ruts fill with water.  After 30 minutes the track leads through open grassland and you can enjoy views of the Wellington Ranges, Northwest Bay, Tinderbox, the River Derwent, Tasman Peninsular, D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island and towards the southwest.


The track begins to descend steeply about 40 minutes into the walk and ends after another five minutes.  About 100 metres before the end the track divides into two.  Take the right hand path that leads to a car park at the end of Coningham Road.  Turn left along the road for 50 metres to the boom gate and commence the return leg of the journey up the hill.


If you are still fit and interested in a longer walk you can continue on to the Coningham Cliff Top Track.  From the boom gate make a sharp turn down into the road below the car park and walk 600m to the end of the road where the cliff top track commences.



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