The club still progresses nicely since the Association was started in 2011 and we look forward to celebrating our 10th Anniversary next year. Membership remains quite stable with 49 financial members and 384 Facebook members compared to 51 financial and 346 Facebook members last year.


Our good relationship with the Huon Valley Council continues and we appreciate the support we are still receiving from Rebecca Bell and Lisa Phlol.

DOG EXERCISE AREAS: the three areas are well used, double gates have been installed at Huonville, new gates at Cygnet and double gates are to be installed at Geeveston. DOG WALKS: Due to Covid 19 restrictions our walks had to be cancelled for a few months earlier this year, since starting back some of the walks have been well attended and some less so- we are still doing 2 walks a month - we will be exploring some possible new walks over the summer break.

FUND RAISING: We held two Garage Sales this year, one in March, just before the restrictions came in, which raised $1120 and another in August, after restrictions were lifted, which raised $1089. Due to Covid19 our other fundraising activities planned for this year had to be cancelled.

DONATIONS AND OTHER ACTIVITIES: The collection of Dogs’ Home boxes throughout the Huon raised $2,665.20 and we collected $550 on Button Day. Once again thanks must go to Val Andrews for taking care of the collection boxes. We have donated $500 to Maggellies Pets in Need. We will be participating with council on 5th December in a seminar advising people how best to prepare regarding the possibility of an emergency.

NEWSLETTER: Tails of the Valley remains popular with members and non-members alike, as does the Summer Survival Guide. Sincere thanks to Heather Brown, our Secretary, for taking over the job from Rozel Duncan and doing it so well! And thank you Rozel for updating our website – it looks really good.

SINCERE THANKS: A big thank you to all who have volunteered their time, both on Committee and for your help in our fundraising activities. A special thank you to our amazing Committee who voluntarily gave their time, and in particular, their wisdom to ensure the Association ran efficiently, progressively and smoothly. Joanne Ward, President, 2016 — 2020 Huon Valley Dog Walking Association Inc.

Thank you, Joanne.

As Joanne Ward retired as President at the AGM in October, the HVDWA Committee would like to acknowledge the great contribution she has made to both the Association and to improving facilities for dogs in the Huon Valley. Joanne will continue to be an active member as Vice President and will continue her work as a trainer with Southern Obedience.

Heather Brown, Secretary and Editor