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Glenorchy Art Sculpture Park (GASP)


Brooker Highway


Park at either Derwent Entertainment Centre or Montrose Bay.


Off-lead and on-lead on shared pathway.


Dogs are not permitted on the multicolour footbridges.  Instead use the pathway.



 From the Brooker, take the Rosetta High School turnoff (Foreshore Rd) – turn right coming from the city direction. Once safely inside the park area, turn immediately right, parallel with the Brooker until the road turns sharp left into the car park. This park can be crowded. It has play areas, BBQs, toilets etc but also plenty of grass where you can wait with your dogs on-lead … off- lead if you know where. If that car park is full, there is another parking area by the riverside entrance to Montrose School, continuing along the Foreshore Road by which you entered the park.


Instead, go by the old pathway by the Brooker, through the art and sculpture park. After turning left along the river towards the Entertainment Centre, dogs can be off lead right up to Wilkinson’s Point.




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