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Gordons Hill


A circuit of the Gordons Hill walking track is approximately 2.5km long. There are tracks that circle and criss-cross the
entire reserve so you can make the walk longer if you want.


To access Gordons Hill reserve we parked near the corner of Cottesloe St and Sunnyside Rd in Lindisfarne. There is a signed
entrance to the reserve between 2 houses on Cottesloe St. There are similar access points in other streets. The first 200 metres of the walk was very steep but it then levelled out once you make it to the main track. There are steep sections on the track, however most of it is a gentle slope. There are views of Montagu Bay and Lindisfarne Bay.


This reserve is now solely managed by the Parks and Wildlife Service, and as such, this  walk is now fully on-lead.

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