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Huon Valley Dog Walks



Please bring your own water and waste collection bags. There are no facilities at these walks unless specifically mentioned.


Castle Forbes Bay:

Castle Forbes Bay is between Franklin and Geeveston.

If heading from Franklin drive south past cool stores on the left. A few minutes past the cool stores there is a sign for Crowthers Road. Immediately opposite this sign turn left into a parking area. There are other ways to access the walk but this way is easiest because there is plenty of parking.

The walk starts on the path next to the car park and is parallel to the highway. Follow this path around until you reach a shady road. Bear right and head for the foreshore. The access to the shore is down a steep bank but, depending on the tide, the dogs can enjoy a swim here.

Dogs should be on lead while walking close to the highway.


Copper Alley Bay:

Copper Alley Bay is at Lymington, south of Cygnet.

From Cygnet head south along the Lymington Road past the Cygnet Sailing Club and drive for about 4 more kilometres. You will come to a bridge over a small creek. When you have crossed the bridge take the next left turn into Nichols Road and drive down to the waters edge. You will see a number of grassed areas where you can park.

Walk south along the road, bearing left around the bay until you come to a “Private Property” sign, then turn back. Depending on the tide there are areas where dogs can have a paddle, however this is an on lead walk because the paddocks bordering the walk contain livestock.

If you miss the Nichols Road turnoff the next two left turns will also get you down to Copper Alley Bay.


Franklin Foreshore:

Franklin is about 15 minutes drive from Huonville .

Cross the Huonville Bridge and head south. As you come into Franklin you will see The Wooden Boat Centre on your left. There is parking there if you wish. If you drive a little further until you see

Osteria @ Petty Sessions Restaurant on your left you can access better parking where public toilets and caravan facilities are available.

From here head north along the foreshore. The dogs must be on lead until you are past the caravans but they can then go off lead and have a lovely swim if they want to. On weekends the foreshore may be busy with rowing or other sports in which case it is best to keep the dogs in check.

Once you reach The Wooden Boat Shed again you can return and consider patronising one of the many dog friendly restaurants and cafes nearby.

Dog waste bags and bins are available on this walk.


Randalls Bay Beach:

Randalls Bay can be accessed via Cygnet. Turn left at the Cygnet roundabout into Channel Highway and drive south for about 15 minutes until you see the sign for Randalls Bay. Turn right and drive down the hill. At the bottom of the hill you will see a sign for Williams Road. You can turn down Williams Road or  drive on, past the toilet block, to park at the Barbecue Area.

Do not be discouraged by the “No Dogs” sign at the barbecue area. This refers to the barbecue area itself and the section of beach just behind it. Once you access the beach and turn left you are on the off lead section of the beach which extends to the far end.

The “Dogs Off Lead” sign is about 1km along Williams Road where the road begins to go uphill. It is a bit hard to find but it is there. If you do decide to go that way you will see several parking spaces on the right near walkways to the beach

Randalls Bay can also be accessed along the Channel Highway via Margate and Gordon. Once past Verona Sands look out for the Randalls Bay turnoff on the left.

Geeveston – Heritage Park:

When driving south into Geeveston turn right down Arve Road. Turn left into the town centre and park behind the town hall near the toilet block or continue along Arve Road until you see parking areas on the left near the Caravan Park. As you enter the park you will see signage for the Platypus Walk (Yes there are platypuses.) and a fenced off lead dog exercise area which is not far from the amazing children’s playground. This makes an excellent beginning and end to the walk for all the dogs.

From the off lead area you can see the concrete Platypus Walk next to the river. This is a lovely on lead walk. Once you have reached the viewing platform and checked out the platypuses you can return to the off lead area for more fun and games then visit one of the many dog friendly cafes in Geeveston.

There are dog waste bags and bins in the off lead area and a barbecue and another toilet block nearby.


Dover – Kent Beach:

When heading for Geeveston from Huonville turn left down Scotts Road. This bypasses Geeveston. When you come to the main road again turn left and continue the lovely drive to Dover.

On arrival in Dover bear left past the shopping centre down Station Road. Continue until you see signage for Kent Beach at Kent Beach Road. Turn left here.

Pass the caravan park and on the right you will see on lead dog walking areas, a barbecue and a toilet block. Pass these and continue until you see a “Dog Exercise Area” sign on the right. There is space to park here and go down to the off lead beach for a fantastic walk much loved by both dogs and people.


Cygnet Sailing Club Walk:

This is an on lead walk. To access it head south from Cygnet along the Lymington Road. You can either park in Cygnet, walk to the roundabout and head straight south from there or drive straight past the roundabout and park on the left of the roadside a bit further along.

If you are walking along the footpath you will pass a foot bridge on your left which has a “No Dogs”  sign at the far end. This bridge goes to Burton’s Reserve which is a bird sanctuary so your furry friends are not welcome there.  A little further along you will see another sign, this time on the right, saying “No Pets”. You can ignore this as it actually refers to the land on the left of the footpath which links up to Burton’s Reserve. Your dogs are very welcome on the footpath as long as they are on lead.

As you continue the walk you will see the amazing birdlife which lives on or near Burton’s Reserve. The path continues to a wooden walk way across the road from Port Cygnet Cannery.

Continuing on you will cross two more wooden walkways which will take you to the end of Jetty Road and you will be able to see the sailing club ahead. As you near the Sailing Club you will arrive at a small picnic area and, if the tide is right, a lovely little beach where your dog can have a paddle or a swim.

After which you can head back to Cygnet for refreshment at one of the dog friendly cafes.

There is one dog waste bag dispenser and bin along the walk.

There is also a fenced off lead dog exercise area in Cygnet at the Recreation Ground off Guys Road.


Huonville Esplanade:

This is a short on lead walk in a beautiful spot. If driving from Cygnet park on the left of the road between Huon River Jet Boats and the toilet block. You can then walk your dog along the Huon River past the children’s playground and the barbecue area towards the bridge. Once at the bridge you have three choices. You can turn back or cross the road and continue a little further along the river down Short Street or cross the bridge and turn left into Coolstore Road walking along the other side of the river until you come to farmland.

Then you can head back to Huon River Jet Boats. The actual jet boats aren’t dog friendly but the café there is.

Dog waste bags and bins are available on The Esplanade.

Across the road from where you have parked is Skinners Creek Track which is also a great on lead dog walk but unfortunately it is closed until further notice while the drainage capacity of the creek is being enhanced.

There is also a fenced off lead dog exercise area on Heron Street in Huonville near the swimming pool.




More off lead Beaches:


Drip Beach which is along the Lymington Road south of Cygnet  about 5 minutes south of Copper Alley Bay. The signage is on your left.


Kays Beach which about 5 more minutes south of Drip Beach . Again the signage is on your left.


Mickeys Beach which is next to Randalls Bay. This can be accessed by a footpath across the cliff from the end of Randalls Bay near the Barbecue Area. There is a steep set of steps to climb to access the path.

And it is best  to keep your dog on lead while using it.

Once you arrive at Mickey’s Beach there is another steep set of steps down to the sand.

If you prefer to drive to Mickeys Beach turn left as you leave Randalls Bay and head up the hill. You will see a Parks and Wildlife sign on the left at the entrance to Mickeys Beach. The track to the beach is a bit rough but there is plenty of parking space.


There are no facilities at any of these beaches.


          We have lots of dog friendly cafes in the Huon Valley. All listed in our Summer Survival Guide.

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