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John Turnbull Park



Off-lead when oval is not in use and off-lead anytime in the area below the oval


Location- Lenah Valley
  • Access- Corner of Creek Road and Lenah Valley Road

  • Facilities- A doggy bag dispenser is located at the Lenah Valley Road entrance and another is located near the toilets.  Other facilities include rubbish bins, bench seats, picnic table, barbeque.  Toilets  are adjacent to the  oval



Parking is available off  Creek Road outside the Newtown Senior Citizens Club and the Lenah Valley Community Hall, which are opposite the Lenah Valley Primary School.  Limited parking is also available adjacent to the community garden.  The entrance for this is off Creek Road opposite Transend and is marked by white and brown wooden posts.  This provides direct access to the off lead area.

John Turnbull Park is a small flat grassy parkland with plenty of shady trees.  Footpaths run around and through the park.  The oval is located below the park.


Beyond the oval is a large area of reasonably flat grassland with a well formed gravel path which leads around the perimeter and follows Newtown Rivulet.  This is an unrestricted off lead exercise area.


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