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Kalang Reserve





Location- Lenah Valley


  • Access- Top of Lumeah Avenue

  • No facilities


This reserve is best accessed from the top of Lumeah Avenue, where there is street parking.  Turn off Lenah Valley Road into Girrabong Road, left into Kalang Avenue and left again into Lumeah Avenue.

Access is through a narrow gateway at the end of Lumeah Avenue.  There is no signage on this walk and several tracks traverse the off lead area and beyond.   There are two circuits, one taking around 20 minutes and the other 30 minutes.

This is a rectangular off lead area of bushland.  Some sections of track are steep, uneven and slippery.

The following walk can be demanding in parts.  The track is initially gently sloping, narrow and quite rough.  The track follows the fenceline of adjacent houses.  After 5 minutes, at the top of the slope, the track widens to a 4 wheel drive trail and divides.  One track heads down to the right towards Kalang Avenue (approx 20 minutes return to Lumeah Avenue).  Continue  to the left.  After another few minutes where the track branches into three, take the middle path.  When you arrive at a T intersection, turn right towards Kalang Avenue.  Near Kalang Avenue, a slippery, steep and narrow track heads up the hill returning just above Lumeah Avenue.

For an easier walk from Lumeah Avenue, simply follow the fenceline of the adjoining houses which will provide a walk of  roughly 10 minutes each way.





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