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KDWA Annual General Meeting 2019

The 21st AGM of the KDWA was held on Thursday 19th September 2019 at the Kingston Library. There were 17 attendees and 10 apologies. The main business of the meeting was the election of the executive and committee for the 2019-20 year.


The following were elected:

President:  Peter McIntosh

Vice President: Venie Phillips

Secretary: Maureen Robinson

Treasurer: vacant (Ailsa Richard to act until end of September)

Public Officer: Ailsa Richard

Committee members: Georgia Clark, Maggy Hunter, Sam Scarlett, Tony Walch and Bernadette Wilkins (now resigned).

Co-opted to the committee (as Newsletter Editor): Belinda Fenney-Walch


After the meeting there was a very interesting presentation by our invited speaker, Sergeant Iain Shepherd from the Tasmania Police Dog Handlers Unit, and his dog Bernie. This was followed by supper and an opportunity for members to meet the incoming committee.

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