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Nierinna Creek Reserve


  • Location- Margate

  • Access- Burnaby Drive, Margate

  • Facilities- Nil

  • Freedom- On lead

  • Time- 75 minutes each way


Turn off from the Channel Highway into Sandfly Road and then left into Nierinna Road (which is in front of a church). Burnaby Drive is the first turn on the right.  It is a no through road and the entrance to the track is on the left of the turning circle at the end of the road.


The reserve is managed by the Kingborough Council. The track has been well built and has bridges and some seating.  Track maintenance is variable, and can be very muddy and slippery in the wetter months.  Water availability is not reliable in the drier months.


The track is well signposted.  It follows the creek line on a grassy verge to a meadow.  The track then begins to climb through bushland. It crosses a private road adjacent to Perrins Road; again this crossing is well signposted. This section takes approximately 20 minutes. The next stage involves a steep 10 minute climb up well-built stone steps to a bridge that crosses the creek.


The track veers south easterly and a steady climb commences followed by a steep descent into rainforest, once again following the creek.  A further steady climb takes you to Lawless Road and the end of the track.


The return journey can be completed by returning along the track or by following Lawless Road, which meets Nierinna Road.  Turn left and follow Nierinna Road down to Burnaby Drive.


This is a pleasant walk. There are no areas for panoramic views but the diversity of the flora and picturesque creek make it a memorable amble.

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