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Nutgrove Beach - Sandy Bay




During daylight savings: Dogs are permitted off-lead after 6pm through to 10am the next morning.


Outside daylight saving: Dogs are permitted off-lead after 3pm through to 10am the next morning.



During daylight savings: Dogs must be on-lead from 10am to 6pm.


Outside daylight saving: Dogs must be on-lead from 10am to 3pm.


Please keep dogs on-lead during the on-lead times or risk fines.




It's a great privilege to walk on Nutgrove Beach with its fantastic views of the River Derwent towards the city, casino, Tasman Bridge, Mt Wellington and across to the eastern shore.


There are various access points to Nutgrove Beach from Sandy Bay Road, walkways from sidestreets in Nutgrove, near the Sandy Bay Sailing Club and Prossers Restaurant.


On-lead dogs were almost banned from Nutgrove in 2014 due to complaints to the Hobart City Council about off-lead dogs during the on-lead times.  The on-lead times in summer were saved thanks to a petition signed by 477 people, deputations by Hobart Dog Walking Association and a local dog walker and letters to the Council.


Please observe the rules for dog exercise on Nutgrove Beach.  Breaking rules gives others reason to complain.   If you want to change the rules, use the appropriate channels to try and bring about change.

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