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Peter Murrell Reserve Middle Tracks


  • Location- Blackmans Bay

  • Access- Between 42 & 46 Burwood Drive

  • Facilities- Dog bags and bins

  • Freedom- On lead

  • Time- 1 Hour


This walk starts at the perimeter walk on the northern end of the car park.  A KDWA sign is located at the beginning. The track gently climbs to the brow of a hill  (a 5 minute walk). Turn left at the Middle Fire Trail sign.  A sandy track will lead you to the next intersection that traverses the Eastern Fire Trail.


A gentle descent down the Middle Fire Trail reveals stunning views from Mt Wellington and Snug Tiers through to North West Bay.  The track continues past the Penny Fire Trail on the left (which connects to the Howden Fire Trail) and widens out into a meadow like area, where rabbits have found wonderful accommodation!


The track soon arrives at a T-junction on the Coffee Creek Trail.  Turn right and follow this sandy flat track for 10 minutes.  Interesting views and bird life can be observed on the Penrhyn and Heron Ponds, on the left. Follow this track until you reach the Scarborough Fire Trail. This track can be subject to heavy erosion and is moderately steep for a short distance. It follows the power lines and terminates in the Scarborough Avenue car park.


Follow a sandy track adjacent to the road and re-enter the Peter Murrell Reserve on the Lady Penrhyn Track. Follow this track past the pump station and then turn right and go uphill on the Eastern Fire Trail, which has a moderate incline until it reaches the intersection of the Middle Fire Trail (having crossed this intersection earlier), stay on the Eastern Fire Trail which undulates to meet the Howden Fire Trail, turn left and follow this trail back to the car park.

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