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Pipeline Track - South Hobart



Location:  Romilly Street, South Hobart, to start of Waterworks Reserve


The Pipeline Track is divided into three sections, the closest section to the city starts in Romilly Street at the top of the hill near the block of units.  The track is on-lead and is a most pleasant walk with views of farmlets on one side and bushland on the other.


At the end of the track there is a bridge leading up to Waterworks Road, which feels like a country lane to walk along.


Note: Dogs are not permitted in the Waterworks Reserve.  The next section of Pipeline Track for on-lead dog walking starts at the Chimney Pot Hill Road and Huon Road intersection.  From there, you can walk back towards the Waterworks Reserve, but don't enter the Waterworks.




  • Dog poo bags and bin at the beginning of the track near Romilly Street entrance.



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