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Poll reveals overwhelming opposition to greyhound racing.

A survey recently conducted by EMRS found that 79% of all Tasmanians oppose the government funding the greyhound racing industry, including 55% who say the are strongly opposed to it. This survey follows the petition that 13,500 Tasmanians signed in 2022 calling for an end to public funding.

The 20 year funding deed agreement was engineered by the Labor Premier Paul Lennon after the sale of the TAB (which used to provide funding to the industry). As a trade-off, the Premier committed to guaranteed funding for the industry until 2029. If the industry cannot stand on its own feet by 2029 when the deed expires, then perhaps we say goodbye to this inhumane 'entertainment'.

It should be noted that even the Tasmanian Treasury finds fault with Tasracing's financial figures. It is critical of Tasracing's constant use of multipliers for both employment and economic 'benefits' and contributions.

The Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs joins the RSPCA, Dogs' Homes of Tasmania, Brightside Sanctuary, GREAT, Let the Greyhounds Run Free and others in calling for an end to public funding in 2029.

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