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Taroona Beach east


  • Location - Taroona

  • Access - Taroona Crescent

  • Facilities - a rubbish bin, some bags, nearby BBQ, toilet and playground

  • Freedom - off-lead and under effective control on the beach east of the boat ramp

  • Size - 130m long, width depends on the tide


This short section of Taroona Beach east of the boat ramp has recently been declared an off-lead dog exercise area. The remainder of Taroona beach is off limits to dogs at all times. There are many facilities nearby: toilets, BBQ, picnic table, playground and boat ramp. Dogs must be on-lead on the boat ramp, in the car park, on the foreshore trail and on the grassed areas. Dogs are prohibited within 10m of the playground. This is a very popular area in summer but rarely used in winter.

You can connect to the coastal track from the east end of the beach, or walk north up some steps and past the Scout Hall to get to the Apex Park off-lead grassed area.

There is a bin near the boat ramp, and poo bags at the far eastern end of the beach up the steps near Bachelor's grave.

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