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Tinderbox Reserve


  • Location- Blackmans Bay

  • Access- Estuary Drive

  • Facilities- Nil

  • Freedom- Off lead

  • Time- 90 minutes return


Park your vehicle at the end of Estuary Drive.  Follow the horse /walking track, which veers left after 200 metres.  The beginning of the dog exercise area is marked by a sign a further 100 metres along the track.


This is a well-formed  4WD track through light bushland, which is rocky underfoot in parts with some steep slopes. Along the saddle you will enjoy views over North West Bay, Margate and Snug to the west and the Derwent River to the east.


When the Iron Pot appears in view to the southeast you have nearly walked as far as permitted.  The end of this track is not well marked. 


Approximately 200 metres ahead up the slope two small yellow signs fixed 10 metres above the ground on the trunks of two large gum trees warn you to “Keep off Private Property”.  Turn back at the signs and return along the same route.

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