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Upcoming HVDWA Walks
February - April 2024

Please note that all walks commence at 10:30am unless stated otherwise. 


Please bring poo bags and water for your dog(s)!   

If the weather looks inclement on walk day, please check our Facebook page orthis website.

Saturday 10 February – Kent Beach, Dover: Take the Huon Highway south to Dover then go through the township into Station Road. Continue until you reach Kent Road (on your left), follow Kent Road past the Dover Caravan Park until you come to a sign on your right which reads “Dog Exercise Area – dogs allowed off leash”. The dogs can then be let off the lead to have a great time on a lovely beach. Just a word of caution – this beach is quite close to the road so if your dog doesn’t have a good recall you might need to keep it on lead.

Wednesday 21 February – Skinners Creek Track, Huonville: Meet on the Esplanade, opposite Huon Jet Boats, then follow the signs for the walk. There are several options for this walk, so depending on the weather on the day we can either do a long walk or a short one.

Sunday 10 March: Verona Sands: If coming from Huonville drive south through Cygnet (turn left at roundabout) then drive south along the Channel Highway for about 14kms (keep going past the Randalls Bay turn-off) until you come to the sign for Verona Sands. Turn right into Doyle Avenue then right again into Lovering Ave, following the signs to the toilets. Park here, then go down to the beach and let the dogs off for a lovely play and swim.

Wednesday 20 March: Heritage Park, Geeveston: Meet at the main car park behind the Town Hall. Walk across Heritage Park to the Platypus Walk then follow the river as far as the steps at the end of the walk. We then ascend the steps to cross the road - take care at the top of the steps as the footpath is narrow. Once across the road, continue the walk along the riverbank and around Memorial Park to the RSL. Pass the RSL and return across the road, down the steps and back along Platypus Walk until we reach the fenced dog exercise area where dogs can go off lead for a run and play. You may even see a platypus!

Saturday 6 April: Randalls Bay: If coming from Huonville, drive south through Cygnet, turn left at the roundabout and drive south along the Channel Highway until you come to the turnoff to Randalls Bay. Drive down the hill and park near the barbecue area. Dogs must be on lead until we are past the barbecue area then they can go off lead to enjoy the beach.

Thursday 18 April – Castle Forbes Bay: From Huonville drive south to Castle Forbes Bay, past the cool stores on the left. A couple of minutes down the road there is a sign for Crowthers Road; immediately after this sign turn left into the parking area. The walk starts on the path to the right of the parking area, near the highway. Follow the path along to a road which leads down to the foreshore. Dogs should be on lead for the first part of this walk as the road goes quite close to the highway. Please bring poo bags and water for your dog(s)! If the weather looks inclement on walk day, please check our Facebook page or website

Please note: 

At the time of publication of the walks schedule, we are subject to the Tasmanian Government’s requirements regarding participation in group gatherings:

  • physical distancing of at least 1.5 metres between people

  • hand hygiene

  • respiratory hygiene (sneeze or cough into your elbow or tissues and clean your hands after coughing or sneezing)

  • frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection.

For more information, refer to

Off lead and under control ?

Several of our walks are ‘off-lead’ but please be aware that , under the Dog Act, it is the owners responsibility to keep their dog under control  and in sight at all times. We love to see our dogs running free and playing together but sometimes there maybe a distraction or situation where your dog is not

responding to you as he/she normally would and needs to go back on the lead. You may need to put your dog on a lead if he or she:

 ·Has poor recall

· Has a habit of running off out of your sight

· Is aggressive or upsetting other dogs

· Is behaving in a way that endangers itself or others

· Any other situation where you feel that you don’t have control of your dog.

 In addition to putting a dog on lead for the behaviours outlined, it is an owners prerogative to have their dog on lead during any of the walks if they feel it is in the best interest of the dog. 


We hope this  information helps you and your dog to  have a fun and relaxing walk.

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