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Tails of the Valley

Through our quarterly newsletter, 'Tails of the Valley', we communicate with our members and other dog  owners  throughout the Huon Valley.  'Tails of the Valley' is emailed to members and distributed in print around the Valley in dog related businesses such as Pet stores, Veterinary practices, Groomers, Pet food suppliers etc.,  as well as local markets and Community centres. 

Download the current issue of Tails of the Valley by clicking on the icon.

Upcoming Walks

Please note that due to the Covid19 restrictions,
all HVDWA walks are cancelled until further notice.




Off lead and under control ?

Several of our walks are ‘off-lead’ but please be aware that , under the Dog Act, it is the owners responsibility to keep their dog under control  and in sight at all times. We love to see our dogs running free and playing together but sometimes there maybe a distraction or situation where your dog is not

responding to you as he/she normally would and needs to go back on the lead. You may need to put your dog on a lead if he or she:

 ·Has poor recall

· Has a habit of running off out of your sight

· Is aggressive or upsetting other dogs

· Is behaving in a way that endangers itself or others

· Any other situation where you feel that you don’t have control of your dog.

 In addition to putting a dog on lead for the behaviours outlined, it is an owners prerogative to have their dog on lead during any of the walks if they feel it is in the best interest of the dog. 


We hope this  information helps you and your dog to  have a fun and relaxing walk.

Please note that all walks commence at 10:00am unless stated otherwise. 
Remember to bring poo bags and water for your Dog.