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Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs Inc. is an umbrella organisation of dog walking clubs. Established in 2011, our objective is to encourage the formation of new dog walking clubs and associations across the state. 
TDWC supports member organisations’ local initiatives, while working to address legislative and policy issues at state level. Each association lobbies actively for improved dog walking facilities in their respective areas. They promote responsible dog ownership and enjoy a range of social activities.

We work with our member organisations to

  • promote the health and social benefits of dog walking to the community;

  • lobby for the provision of suitable dog walking areas in every council area across Tasmania;

  • promote responsible dog ownership; and

  • liaise with state and local authorities and other organisations concerned with dog welfare.

Our current member organisations are

  • Kingborough Dog Walking Association (KDWA)

  • Hobart Dog Walking Association (HDWA)

  • Huon Valley Dog Walking Association (HVDWA)

Interested in forming a group in your local area?

We are very keen to encourage the formation of new dog walking clubs and associations in Tasmania and we're happy to assist with ideas, constitution templates and other support you may need to get started.


New member organisations accepted into full membership of TDWC may appoint two representatives to the Management Committee. They will also be able to set up their own page on this website. An associate membership category is available. Member organisations can also enjoy access to public liability insurance on a more cost-effective basis than would be possible for individual clubs/associations. To learn more, download a copy of our constitution here.

Management Committee 2022-2023

President: Melissa Fraser (HDWA)

Vice-President: Fiona Masters (KDWA)
Secretary: Val Andrews (HVDWA)

Treasurer: Kay Allport (HDWA)

Public Officer: Kay Allport (HVDWA)

Member Representatives 2022-2023

Kingborough: Katrina Ward, Georgia Clark
Hobart: Tanzi Lewis
Huon Valley: Jess Adams

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