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About Hobart Dog Walking Association

The Hobart Dog Walking Association (HDWA) promotes the importance of dog on-lead and off-lead exercise areas for the benefits of dog and human physical health and socialisation.

The HDWA has represented dog walkers in the municipalities of Hobart, Glenorchy and Clarence since 2006. In 2021, the Clarence Dog Owners Group has formed as an affiliated group of the HDWA.



  • Lobby for the retention and enhancement of suitable dog walking areas in the municipality of Hobart and neighbouring municipalities not currently serviced by another Association (currently Clarence and Glenorchy).

  • Encourage members to have their dogs under “Effective Control” at all times.

  • Encourage the formation of other “Dog Walking” associations within the state.

  • Promote the benefits of well-controlled dogs to our community.

  • Liaise with appropriate bodies associated with all dog exercise areas within the municipality and neighbouring municipalities.

  • Encourage members to assist with the enhancement of these areas.

  • Monitor implementation of Tasmanian dog control legislation and recommend or oppose changes as appropriate.

  • Cooperate with other organisations, as appropriate, in promoting overall dog welfare.


You can view the Hobart Dog Walking Association constitution here.




The Hobart Dog Walking Association is incorporated and holds committee meetings every few months.  Meetings are open should you wish to bring a matter to our attention. Members are advised of our meeting venue.


You can see the current committee members here.

Council liaison


Behind the scenes we regularly liaise with Councils and strive to build positive and  relationships with Councils.  Two-way communication and consultation is vital.

Social walks


The Hobart Dog Walking Association conducts several social walks per month.  The walks are held in different locations so we get to know different walking areas for dogs, and because we like variety.

The walks are easy to a medium standard as our members and dogs are of varied age.


Our walks program may be found on the Walks and Events page

Why have a dog walking association?


Councils decide when and where you can exercise your dog and formulate dog management plans every five years as a required by the State Government’s Dog Control Act.


Organisations such as Councils often find it easier to liaise with an organised group rather than “every man and his dog”.


It's also easier for dog walkers to spread information via a formal organised group rather than try and reach "every man and his dog".

Why join a dog walking association?

It's a great way to meet other dog walkers, enjoy social walks and discover places to walk your dog.

It's also a good way to share information about dog walking areas, keep informed and consider actions to take when dog walking areas are under threaten in your area. Since forming, the HDWA has worked hard to save dog exercise areas, and had our share of success.

Join us now! See our Contact and Membership page.

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