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Hobart Rivulet Track

Hobart to South Hobart


On-lead, except for the grass dog off-lead exercise area near the MacFarlane Street footbridge in South Hobart.


  • Access- Various entrances

  • Facilities- Dog bags and bins, picnic tables,  barbeque, toilets at Cascade Gardens car park

  • During the week the C3 Cafe is open at the C3 Church, near Angelsea Street.

  • Time- 1 – 2 hours return




This 3 km walk leads from Molle Street to Tara Street, opposite Waratah Industries. 


There are several entrances to the track but street parking is limited on weekdays.  The best spot for parking is in the lower car park at the Cascade Gardens, off McRobies Road, where a dog bin and bag dispenser is located.  


Commencing from the lower Cascade Gardens car park, walk down Degraves Street past the Female Factory Historic Site and over the bridge at the end of the street.  Continue on to the beginning of  this well maintained gravel track just beyond the bridge in Tara Street.


The track is mostly flat with wide grassy verges along the river bank on one side and bordered by bushy slopes and rocky outcrops on the other.

At the McFarlane Street entrance there is a flat grassed off-lead area approximately 200 metres long and 30 metres wide.   A dog bin with bags is provided here.


A paved landscaped area with two picnic tables and rubbish bin is located at the Wynyard Street entrance and  similar facilities with a free gas barbeque are located a few hundred metres further along the track.


A dog bin is located at McKellar Street.  The track commences again at the end of the street where you can turn right into a secluded quiet area surrounding the Korean Veterans Memorial plaque.   Turn back and the track continues a few hundred metres to the end at Molle Street. 


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