Dru Point (Margate) Dog Park Upgrade

The Dru Point dog park at Margate is being upgraded. KDWA, supported by the Kingborough Council, have been funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund to replace the dog agility equipment, add two new water fountains and install two bench seats. In addition, a new puppy exercise area is being created.


This dog park is well-used by dog owners because it is off-lead, fully-fenced, provides plenty of parking, has a walking circuit, bush setting, dog agility equipment, dog poo bags and bins and a rudimentary water supply. You can find more information here.

The dog agility equipment was constructed and installed nearly 20 years ago by volunteers from KDWA, and is in need of replacement. Additional water and seating is also desirable to cater for the increasing number of people and dogs using this park.

The upgrade is expected to be finished by mid-2020.

Until recently there was a sewerage facility in the middle of this area, which did lead to a few non-doggy smells. However, this has now been moved, leaving only an emergency overflow basin. The reclaimed land is required to lie dormant for two years (from about August 2019) before it can be re-used. KDWA is in consultation with Kingborough Council about the possibility of extending the dog park into the reclaimed land to provide additional space for dogs.