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Clarence's dog plan brings changes

The Clarence City Council passed its new Dog Managment Plan Council on 16 November 2015. The significant changes are at Bellerive, Lindisfarne and a proposed off-lead at all times section of dog beach at Lauderdale will not proceed.

Bellerive Beach and Apex Park, Bellerive

Dogs will now be banned from the section of Bellerive Beach (First Bluff to Beach Street Access) and Apex Park (except for multi-user pathway) and Simmons Park, at Lindis

Why’s this concerning?

Dog walkers have lose almost one-third of Bellerive Beach

The section of beach from Beach Street to Second Bluff (ie Howrah end of Bellerive Beach) will remain off-lead but the summer restrictions of no dogs from 1 December – 1 March from 10am – 6pm will remain.

Losing the right to walk your dog through Apex Park, Bellerive

It’s simply ridiculous that people with a dog on-lead now won't be able to walk through the Bellerive Apex Park, sit on the grass or at a picnic table or watch their children play in the park.

Forget about buying fish and chips and sitting in in the park with your dog on-lead.

The multi-user pathway

Dogs will still be able to be walked on-lead on the multi-user pathway only that goes from Apex Park, Bellerive, through Wentworth Park, Howrah.

What’s worth supporting in Clarence Dog Management Review?

  • Being able to walk on-lead dogs on the perimeter of the Bellerive Boardwalk where dogs were previously banned.

  • Dogs being permitted on Roches Beach at Lauderdale from the canal to Mays Point at all times under effective control provisions.

Simmons Park, Lindisfarne

Simmons Park at Lindisfarne will become on-lead only because of the large fenced children's infrastructure. It is a shame dog walkers lose out because of change of use or redevelopment within a park.

Lauderdale Beach

The Clarence City Council did consider creating an off-lead section at Lauderdale Beach at all times when they released the first draft of their dog management plan. This idea was a response to a petition the Council received from Lauderdale dog owners. This will now not proceed due to opposition from the Lauderdale community in round two of the Dog Management Review consultation.

What to do?

Tell the Clarence City Council you're not happy.

Join the Hobart Dog Walking Association (if you're not already a member) so you are kept informed about what's happening with dog exercise areas.

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