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Fenced dog park flagged on Brighton plan

Brighton Council has flagged the idea of a fenced dog park and training area on its landscape master plan for the Bridgewater Parkland area.

The Hobart Dog Walking Association encourages dog owners to write to the Brighton Council by the end of April 2016 to support the idea of a areas for walking and exercising dogs.

The aim of the master plan has been to create a community parkland that appeals to all age groups and abilities through a series of spaces and activities all sharing a common approach to design and planting treatments.

Embracing the existing natural assets of the mountain view and foreshore the intent is to create a linear parkland experience that connects the civic centre of the community to the foreshore with a series of play and recreational facilities along the way. The end goal is to create spaces for community, vibrant places for play, gathering, markets, daydreaming, exercise and enjoying life.

In response to the sense of place of the site the concept for the play spaces has been loosely based on the form of a swans nest amidst the rushes, with the use of grassy mounds amongst forests of trees and play elements encouraging a sense of discovery and delight but with a calmness of approach to the design in order to retain the gentle feel to the site.

Situated in the middle of the parkland is a skatepark, areas for walking and exercising dogs, mountain bike trail, café, and toilets. The entire design is to consider the principles of Crime Prevention Through Urban Design (CPTED).

Brighton is not within the Hobart Dog Walking Association areas, although naturally we support dog exercise areas in that municipality.

Comments should be forward to by the end of April 2016.

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