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Works on Hobart Rivulet Track

The Molle Street to McKellar section of the Hobart Rivulet Track will be closed from late April 2016 as the Hobart City Council starts construction of the Hobart Rivulet Shared Path as part of its ongoing implementation of the Hobart Rivulet Park Strategic Master Plan 2011.

Due to the scale of the construction works, site constraints and safety of park users, this section of the park will be closed for approximately two months from late April whilst construction is undertaken.

Signs will be erected in a range of key locations informing park users of the project and the parks closure. During this period park users will be directed to use a street-based route via Gore Street and Macquarie Street.

In addition to the park based project, road works are also programmed to be undertaken in tandem with the shared path works at the intersection of Gore and McKellar Streets with the construction of a new raised pedestrian crossing to improve the safety of pedestrians and cyclists crossing at this point and slow cars at the Gore Street Bridge.

Further information can be accessed through the Council’s website at

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