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Will Domain works impact on dog walking?

Meet and discuss: Saturday 28 May 2016 at 10:30am. Dogs welcome.

Where: main carpark on top loop of Domain

Concerns have been raised by some members about how plans to construct multi-use paths for mountain bikes on the Domain might impact on dog walking and walking in general.

Hobart City Council has suddenly begun work on a new 'multi-use' development at the top of the Domain. This will include construction of paths for mountain bikes supposedly aimed at families and children.

Although the HCC claims there will be no change to the current off-lead status for dogs in the summit area some members believe that it is hard to see how such a development will not bring about a major change of environment for dog walking and for walking in general.

The development derives from the overall Master Plan for the Domain processed and approved in 2012-13.

As detailed plans were presented and public comment invited for other components of the Domain Master Plan, the HDWA believes it might reasonably have expected the same for this Master Plan.

Please read the at HCC Domain Master Plan, particularly the diagram and key on page 63 and page 90 of the full Master Plan report.

We look forward to your feedback.

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