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Tape showed loss for Apex Park Taroona

Tape was tied around the section of Apex Park, Taroona, to illustrate how much of the off-lead dog exercise area will be lost if the Kingborough Draft Dog Management Policy is adopted.

If Kingborough Council's proposal goes ahead, dog walkers will no longer be able to access Apex Park from either the Batchelor Way or Chiton Chase entrances. This means they will have to walk up from the bottom of Taroona Crescent or Niree Parade.

The loss of entrances at Batchelor Way and Chiton Chase will be detrimental to dog walkers with mobility issues. Dog walkers will also lose access to the only seating. This will be unfortunate for dog walkers with mobility issues or anyone who likes to sit down and have a chat while out with their dog.

Some Taroona Crescent properties that back onto Apex Park also won't be able to walk out their back gate and into Apex Park with their dog, if their property backs onto the proposed no dog zone.

The Kingborough Council has provided no explanation as to why Apex Park, Taroona's only off-lead dog exercise area, should be reduced in size.

The nearby play area for children is fully fenced and accessible from Batchelor Way.

The community hall is also entered from Batchelor Way.

The Chiton Chase entrance is near the community garden, which is also fully fenced.

The Kingborough Dog Walking Association encourages Taroona dog owners and anyone who will be affected by the Kingborough Draft Dog Management Policy to write to Kingborough Council about the impacts by 25 June 2018 8:50am.

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