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Urgent - Dog rule changes loom for popular Lenah Valley park

Dog owners are urged to email Hobart City Council Aldermen and Councillors to save dog exercise arrangements at the Firth Road and Girrabong Road Park, Lenah Valley, before the Council meeting decides the City of Hobart Dog Management Policy at its meeting Monday 20 May 2019

The urgent call has arisen after the Council's Parks Committee voted for the changes on 9 May 2019 while reviewing the new Dog Management Policy. If enacted, these changes would change the off-lead status of the Firth and Girrabong Road Park for at least five years to:

· Dogs on-lead between 9am-7pm

· Dogs off-lead between 7pm and 9am

The Firth and Girrabong Road Park (pictured) is a small park and different to other Restricted Parks such as Cascade Gardens, Princes Park or Fitzroy Gardens where dogs must be on-lead from 9am - 7pm, and maybe off-lead at other times.

Under the Dog Act 2000, Council's are required to review their Dog Management Policies every five years. Once the Council endorses the dog policy it usually remains in force for five years, often longer.

Although Lenah Valley also has the popular fenced off-lead John Turnbull Park, it is a significant and hilly walk from Firth and Girrabong Road Park.

What can you do?

Concerned dog owners should email Councillors and Aldermen stating the importance of Firth Road/Girrabong Road Park to dog owners in the community by 20 May 2019.

Draft text to email Aldermen and Councillors

Here is some suggested draft text:

Dear Aldermen/Councillor

I am writing to support the Firth and Girrabong Road Park, in Lenah Valley, remaining as an off-lead dog exercise area as recommended in the City of Hobart Draft Dog Management Strategy 2019-2023.

I support dog owners continuing to access the Firth and Girrabong Road Park, to exercise their dogs off-lead from 9 am - 7 pm daily. The access hours of 9 am - 7 pm were recommended by Council officers and received overwhelming public support during two public consultations. The off-lead access hours could even be extended to 7am - 7pm to allow dogs to be exercised in the park before work or school.

The recent recommendation, by Council's Park's Committee, to remove the basket ball hoop is also supported.

Aldermen and Councillor email list;;;;;;;;;;;

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