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Intention to declare Dog exercise areas

Dog owners are encouraged to write in support of proposed changes to the City of Hobart’s Dog Management Policy and support the declaration of some more dog exercise areas and/or times.

The City of Hobart has advertised its intention to declare the following areas in relation under the Dog Control Act 2000 pursuant to section 24.

The call to declare some areas arose after round 2 of the recent dog management consultation.

The Hobart Dog Walking Association (HDWA) has requested in several dog management consultations that the off-lead times for Nutgrove Beach, Sandy Bay, start at 6pm as 7pm is late for many people. The HDWA appreciates the Council considering declaring this extra time.

It is important supporters write as on-lead dog walking was almost banned due to five anti-dog letters out of a total of seven.

Areas to be declared

Off-lead exercise areas

  • Regatta Grounds except when used for a community activity

On-lead exercise areas

  • Radfords Track (Mt Wellington). There was confusion about the status of Radfords Track during round two of the City of Hobart Dog Management Strategy.

  • Mathers Place, Hobart city


Nutgrove Beach

  • Dogs are permitted off-lead between 6pm – 10am during daylight savings time and between 3pm -10am at all other times. This represents gaining an one-hour of off-lead exercise during the evening during daylight saving

  • Dogs permitted on-lead between 10am – 6pm during daylight savings time and between 10am at 3pm at other times.


  • Regatta Grounds when being used for a community activity

  • Cenotaph and surrounds

  • Reids Track (Mt Wellington) because of Silver Falls

The City of Hobart invites feedback by 18 June 2019 by either:


Post: The General Manager, GPO Box 503, Hobart 7001.

For more information go to the Council’s website and see the Your Say section.

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