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Where will you exercise your dog in Clarence?

Why dog owners need to have your say in Stage Two

Anyone who enjoys exercising their dog in Clarence needs to respond to the Clarence City Council Dog Management Review Stage Two by 28 July 2021.

If adopted, many off-lead areas will become on-lead leaving these suburbs with no off-lead dog exercise areas: Otago Bay, Geilston Bay, Rose Bay, Mornington, Warrane, Mt Rumney, Cambridge, Rokeby, Sandford, Clifton, Cremorne and South Arm.

Apart from a proposed fenced dog park at Cambridge, nothing is being offered to compensate these suburbs for loss of off-lead exercise areas.

Dog owners living between Cambridge and South Arm will lose off-lead exercise on the Tangara Trail. This is problematic as many properties in Lauderdale, Cambridge, Cremorne, South Arm and O'Possum Bay are only suburban size blocks. Cremorne only has the beach with summer time restrictions for off-lead dog exercise.

Stage Two consultations

Even if you responded to stage one of the Clarence Dog Management Review consultation, you need to respond again as stage 2 is another round and things have been known to change in stage 2.

On-line survey poorly designed

The Clarence City Council has provided an on-line survey but it is badly designed:

  • It still asks if people want Anzac Park, at Lindisfarne, to become on-lead. Anzac Park is the only off-lead area in Lindisfarne and Natone Hill is proposed to become on-lead.

  • The question about beaches fails to mention Seven Mile Beach, which is at risk of losing its full-time, all-day off-lead status between Day Use 2 and 3 during summer. This would mean no daytime off-lead beach areas except for at O'Possum Bay or go to the small Kingston Dog Beach.

  • Don't tick "yes" or "no" without knowing which areas. The question about bushland areas doesn't name any of the bushland areas. People are just invited to tick "yes" or "no" about dogs in bushland areas. To find out which reserves the Council is referring to, you have to download the Draft Schedule of Declared Areas May 2021. The problem with this question is each reserve is site is different for example Natone Hill and Bedlam Walls, much of which is open grassland. Chances are many people won't even know many of the identified bushland areas.

  • The Tangara Trail is proposed to go on-lead and is being treated like other multi-shared paths (which are understandably on-lead as busy and only two pedestrian lanes). The Tangara Trail is not a multi-shared path as it's a bridal trail with over 250 km of tracks and trails. It is also not bushland as it was developed on subdivided rural land.

We apologise for any suburbs overlooked. We are unsure about the status of off-lead areas in Risdon Vale.

What to do:

Clarence City Council 38 Bligh St, Rosny Park 7018


Clarence City Council PO Box 96, Rosny Park 7018

Remember Have your Say by 28 July 2021

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