KDWA Current Work

Maintaining an open dialogue with Kingborough Council and other regulatory bodies regarding dog management. Current issues include:
  • Promoting the recently-completed Kingborough Dog Management Handbook (...More)

  • Applying for funding to help refurbish Dru Point, including dog play equipment

  • Discussions with Kingborough Council about the design of reclaimed areas at Dru Point

  • Ongoing discussions about the management of Tyndall Beach

  • The Taroona end of the Alum Cliffs Track

  • Improvements at Suncoast Dog Park - trying to obtain funding for these improvements plus planning permission where needed

  • Selling advertising space at Suncoast Dog Park to help fund these improvements

  • Encouraging the community to do the right thing with their dogs, particularly picking up after them and ensuring they are well-behaved.

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