City of Clarence Dog Management Policy


The Clarence City Council is conducting a review of their proposed new Dog Management Policy. The policy is open for consultation until 12 April 2021. Feedback will be evaluated by Council and a final version will be produced and open to a second stage of  consultation.

Details of the policy and the review process may be found here:


News Items

The following news items on this web site explain our concerns about the policy, and give details of two rallies to be held this Saturday 10 April 2021.


The survey will inform changes to the draft Dog Management Policy.

Here is a direct link to the survey:

For further details, see the bottom of the policy and review process page:


Since 2006, the Hobart Dog Walking Association Inc has represented dog owners in Hobart, Clarence and Glenorchy.

Clarence dog owners concerned about the Clarence Dog Management Review should either:

  • Contact the Hobart Dog Walking Association Inc: 

  • Form a local group:

    •  We recommend talking about your concerns with others in your community as the Schedule of Declared Areas 1 July 2021 -2028 will impact many areas if adopted.

Map of Proposed Changes

You can see a map of the proposed changes by clicking on the thumbnail

InkedDogMapWith Crosses-small.jpg

Email Councillors


A very effective way to have your say directly is to email Clarence City Councillors. Keep it brief and civil.

Alderman Doug Chipman - Mayor:

Alderman Heather Chong - Deputy Mayor:

Alderman Brendan Blomeley:

Alderman Luke Edmunds:

Alderman Dean Ewington:

Alderman Richard James:

Alderman Wendy Kennedy:

Alderman Tony Mulder:

Alderman John Peers:

Alderman Sharyn von Bertouch:

Alderman James Walker:

Alderman Beth Warren: