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Clarence dog exercise areas

About Clarence


Clarence is a muncipality located on Hobart's Eastern Shore of the Derwent Estuary in southern Tasmania.  


Clarence offers a range of dog exercise experiences such as beaches, suburban, tracks and trails and bush.


The  suburbs include: Acton Park, Bellerive, Cambridge, Clarendon Vale, Clifton Beach, Cremorne, Flagstaff Gully, Geilston Bay, Howrah, Lauderdale, Lindisfarne, Montagu Bay, Mornington, Mount Rumney, Oakdowns, Opossum Bay, Otago, Risdon, Risdon Vale, Roches Beach, Rokeby, Rose Bay, Rosny, Rosny Park, Sandford, Seven Mile Beach, South Arm, Tranmere and Warrane.


The Hobart Dog Walking Association (HDWA) has members who reside in Clarence.  Because Clarence is only a quick trip across the Tasman Bridge, many Hobart and Glenorchy residents also like to visit the area.


The Clarence City Council is responsible for Clarence's Dog Management Policy, which is reviewed every five years.  The HDWA recommends also checking the Clarence City Council website about dog exercise areas.


The Hobart Dog Walking Association conducts two social dog walks per month and regularly walk in the Clarence municipality.  We welcome new members and encourage people to join our walking program.


Dog exercise areas in Clarence

Members of Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs have reviewed the following dog walks in Clarence.


The Hobart Dog Walking Association regularly conducts social dog walks in Clarence and welcomes new members.













Geilston Bay


Seven MIle Beach

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