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Hobart dog exercise areas

About Hobart

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania.  It is located in the South along the Derwent Estuary.



Suburbs of Hobart include: Battery Point, Cascades, Hobart central business district, Cornelian Bay, Dynnyrne, Fern Tree, Glebe, Lenah Valley, Mount Nelson, Mount Stuart, New Town, North Hobart, Ridgeway, Sandy Bay, South Hobart, Tolmans Hill and West Hobart.


The Hobart City Council's Dog Management Policy determines dog exercise areas in the Hobart municipality.


The Hobart Dog Walking Association recommends visiting the Hobart City Council website for rules and regulations about dog exercise areas as these rules can change and are reviewed by Council every five years.

Come on our walks and discover places  


The Hobart Dog Walking Association conducts two social walks per month and visits dog walking areas in the Hobart, Clarence and Glenorchy municipalities.  Occasionally we also do social walks in the Kingborough, Brighton, Sorell and Derwent Valley municipalities.  Consider becoming a member to familiarise yourself with the walks.

Hobart dog exercise areas by suburb
Members of the Tasmanian Dog Walking Clubs have compiled the following information about dog exercise areas.  While we are familiar with many tracks and parks we have not walked them all.
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